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Live Band v. DJ - why you should always hire a band for your wedding...or have both!

When it comes to putting on the perfect party, the best planners will always aim to wow the crowd and create unforgettable moments that guests will love. This is why we think your entertainment budget should be high on the wedding priority list because that’s what guests will remember - especially if that band blow you and your guests away, like our bands do at Pro Bands!

Some couples planning their wedding entertainment opt for an in-house DJ at their venue to save money, but time and time again we see that having a live band rock your wedding never fails to create a focal point and give guests something exciting to look forward to throughout the day - especially if you give them a hint towards what’s in store!

Ruby & The Rhythms performing live at The Steelyard in London 2017

For guests that don’t often go to watch live bands (children and grandparents perhaps!) hiring a band to perform can create an amazing opportunity for them to experience a real-life gig vibe. For any guests that do attend gigs regularly and have a keen interest in live music - it will be right up their street watching all the musicians perform their versions of all the best party tracks. It’s win-win!

What’s more - all the bands on our roster provide a complimentary laptop DJ service for in-between their performances so you don’t have to worry about hiring a DJ as well, though we do suggest for parties going on in to the small hours, it’s always fun to have a DJ spinning the best classic tracks and party tunes right after the band finish, so the dance floor stays well and truly alight!

So remember - when it comes to your wedding entertainment - definitely save some of your wedding budget to book something unforgettable or you could even ask guests to contribute financially ‘gig ticket’ style!

To hire a band for your wedding or event, contact us now!

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