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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our bands, the booking process and venue related queries.  If you don't find an answer to your question, then please don't hesitate to contact us


FAQ - The Band and Performance

What time will my band arrive?  

Our bands will usually arrive from 5:30pm towards. This is often the optimal time for weddings when the wedding breakfast and speeches have concluded. For other events like corporates and parties it allows enough time before the guests arrive for the evening. Our acts can arrive earlier, but they may require an early set up fee.


How long does my band require to set up?

The majority of our bands require around 60 minutes, this varies slightly based on the size of band/event and the delivery/loading logistics of the venue.


How long will my band play for?

Most of our acts offer similar performance durations of 2 hours. This can be split into 2 or 3 sets throughout the evening. Sometimes bands offer extended performances or extra sets, but this isn’t always possible, particularly for vocalists who can sometimes struggle to sing for more than 2 hours.


How long do my band need between sets?  

20-30 minutes is a good length of time to recharge and let the crowd top up their drinks, but each event is different and our bands are always very accommodating.


What time will my band start playing?

Somewhere around 8pm or 9pm is generally a good bench mark and only a guide because every event and client  is different. Don’t be too eager to get the live entertainment going, people are often more inclined to dance later in the evening after their food has settled and they’ve had a few drinks. Building a bit of anticipation and using the band to their full potential is always the best way to go!


Can my band learn a specific song to be performed live?

Most of our acts are more than happy to accommodate a song request or two, from first dances to special end of night encores! It’s best to discuss this in advance and it’s not always possible to have more than one or two requests due to the time it can take to learn and perfect one-off song renditions.


Can I choose the band's set list? 

By all means send over your favourite songs and our acts will aim to incorporate these throughout their performances. All of our bands have really strong sets based on flow and dynamics that they know work well. We recommend letting the band give you their strongest sonic and visual performance for as much of the evening as possible, but if you have some preferences then just let us know. 


Can my band play music between and after their performances?

Yes, our bands can provide playback music for you. This is often a premixed playlist service using spotify and played through the bands PA system. This can be discussed and created prior to the event.  Some bands offer manned services and DJ options too.


What will my band wear?

Our bands dress in a similar style to their promo videos. Whether that’s blazers and boots or Converse and caps, they bring the vibe and set the tone that you booked them for.


Does the band require refreshments?

We ask that the band is provided with soft drinks and a hot meal either on arrival or after they’ve set up. It’s often a long day for our bands, starting in the afternoon and through to the early hours of the next morning. They’re not always able to get a decent meal unless it’s supplied at the venue, so this accommodation is always appreciated.

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FAQ - The Booking Process

How do I confirm a band booking? 

To book a band through Pro-Bands simply send us over some info about you and your event. You’ll then receive a contract and deposit invoice from us along with our full terms and conditions.  Simply sign and return the contract along with the deposit (usually 20%) via BACS or Paypal and you can tick off an important task from your to-do-list!


How does your pricing work?

Pricing varies from band to band.  Most have a local, Saturday night base rate that they work from.  The overall cost is calculated based on a range of factors including:

day of week, time of year, travel distance and timings.


Do quotes include all costs?  

Yes, our quotes will include everything you and your band require – travel, accommodation (where applicable) and equipment.


What if one of the members of my band becomes ill or is unable to perform on the day?

A suitable replacement will be provided by the band. All of our acts have a list of “deps” who are ready to jump on board in these circumstances… the show must go on!

FAQ - Venue Considerations

Will my band provide their own PA and sound equipment.

Yes, all bands turn up with the equipment they need to perform unless other production arrangements have been made in advance.


Should I hire anything extra for the performance?

Extra staging and lighting can be nice, but it’s not always practical based on the venue or band lineup. If your venue or event lends it’s self to a larger production, just let us know and we’ll work with you, your venue and the band to help achieve your vision.


Power requirements

Most of our bands require a minimum of 3 independent 13amp power sockets close to the stage. Please get in touch with us if you will be running the band from a generator to confirm that it will be sufficient.  


Does my band have the appropriate certificates and documentation?

All our bands have public liability insurance and their equipment is PAT tested periodically. Certificates can be supplied in advance if your venue requires them.

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