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Our guide to some of best new wedding trends for 2017...

With so much experience at different weddings across the UK, we're in the perfect position to give you a real insight into some of the best wedding trends we've seen so you can make sure your big day is bang up to date!

A Street Food Revolution

Hog Roast has been the wedding buzz word over the last few years - but things are a-changin’ as couples look for something a little bit different to wow their guests. There’s been a monumental rise in the popularity of street food in recent years, especially on the London food scene, and we’re seeing this trend spill over to not only the wedding scene but also the corporate party market too. There are some mouth-watering meal options, served in a casual grab-and-go way that'll really spice up your wedding feast.

Some of our favourites include:

Photo Booths

It’s unusual to find a wedding that doesn’t have a quirky option somewhere at the venue where guests can dress up and take photos with each other! Whether it’s a proper old-fashioned booth that guests bundle into or a frame hanging up somewhere that guests can all stand behind and take their own photos, having an interactive photo corner is pretty much a wedding must these days!

The Bake Off

Forget gleaming white, ribbon-wrapped, towering stacks of victoria sponge - the age-old tradition of the standard wedding cake is slowly fading out to make way for the rise of more quirky celebration cake options. Caterers are now being asked for cupcakes, cake-pops, cheese stacks and mountains of eton-mess (our favourite!) which usually prove to be a more eye-catching option. The wedding cake still has its place… but cake-makers are having to think outside the cake box now - adding edible flowers, photos or glitter. Another option we’ve seen, which gives a quaint village-fate vibe, is to ask some guests to bring their own bakes so there’s a selection of homemade delights for guests to choose from. Our favourite London cake-maker has to be the beautiful botanical creations from Lilli Vanilli.

Magic in the Air

21st Century weddings are all about the amazing photographic moments that guests can capture and for this, something super special is required. An eye-catching event is sure to wow guests and provide that dazzling party piece that could be the highlight of the day (after the live band of course!) and will have your facebook and instagram followers floored with envy! Think giant party poppers to surprise guests as the band hit the chorus of your first dance, releasing hundreds of sky-lanterns up towards a star-studded sky, using coloured smoke bombs in the official photos or filling a space with giant bubbles for all the kids to chase. Remember - keep it a secret so it’s an awesome surprise for all your guests!

Arriving in Style

Your choice of transport for the big day often says a lot about you.. whether it's a state-of-the-art Range Rover, a classic open-top sports car or an elegant horse-drawn carriage, that journey to and from the ceremony is probably one of the most exciting trips you'll ever make! And recently at a London wedding, we saw something we haven't before - the bride and groom were ferried on a new power-assisted bike brought to the big smoke from the guys at Pedal Me App. Pretty perfect for the eco-conscious among us and definitely a quirky moment-to-remember for newlyweds and guests alike.

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